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You're Not Alone.

Why Choose Kinetico?

  • Non Electric

So you're not happy with the quality of your water. You're not alone. At Agape H2O, we know the 4-state area very well and it's plagued with water problems. Bad water is bad for you and your home. From scale build up and dry skin to unpleasent smells and dingy clothes, we can take care of any issues caused by problem water. You've come to the right place

Kinetico offers the only non-electric water softer and purifer solutions on the market. There's nothing to plug in, no buttons to push, timers to set or adjustments to make. Our systems work, period.

  • Twin Tank

Our Softeners use a patented twin tank design. This ensures you have soft water 24/7 even when the system is cleaning itslef. Also, because of its design, no hard water ever touches moving parts of the valve. Thats why our systems last longer than the competition.

  • Extremely Efficient

A standard water softener uses up to 15 pounds of salt and 220 gallons of water every night to clean itself. Not only is this extremely wastful, it also ends up costing you a lot over the life of the unit. Not our systems. On average they use 1 pound of salt and 10 gallons of water.

  • Demand-Operated 

Because of its unique design, a Kinetico softener cleans itself based on the water you use. There's no need to set a "vacation mode" or worry about extra company. It will provide you with as much soft, clean water as you need and stand by when the demand is low.

  • The Best Warranty, Anywhere

We're so confident in our products we back them by an industry high warranty. Our Premeir Series comes with a 10 year parts and service warranty. The competition can't compete and they know it.

Want to find out what's in your water? Schedule a free water analysis. You deserve better water!
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