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About Agape H2O

It's difficult to find a company that's local and reliable, yet has the support and innovation of a national company. As an Authorized, Independent Kinetico Dealer, Agape H2O embodies all of these. When considering water treatment, it's important to find a company that intimately understands the needs of its customers and has access to the best products on the market.


The seeds for Agape H2O were planted in 1988 when Bill Tucker first entered the water treatment industry. He became convinced that people deserved clean, healthy water and that Kinetico was the best solution. Agape H2O is proud to be an independent, authorized Kinetico dealer in the SW Missouri region serving the 4-state area. We offer an entire line of water softeners, filters, and drinking water systems.


Our company focuses on customer service, satisfaction and quality products. We are proud members of the Water Quality Association. This allows us to stay up to date with water treatment by providing continuous education and training for our employees. When it comes to water, get Agape H2O involved!









About Kinetico Incorporated

Kinetico Incorporated was founded in 1970 by two engineers who pioneered the development of non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. Evolving from the Tangent Company, a small consulting design firm, Kinetico soon became a global organization of independent dealers, international distributors representing nearly 100 countries. Through the dedication of its founders, employees and distribution network, Kinetico has experienced tremendous success. The company has grown from a two-man, creative undertaking into a strong and dynamic organization. Innovative technology and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction have distinguished the company and positioned Kinetico as a leader in today's ever-changing water treatment industry.


Kinetico manufactures complete systems that improve water quality for general use as well as those that provide high-quality drinking water for consumption. Kinetico quality water systems are used in rural, problem water areas and where water is supplied by municipally controlled water utilities.

What Does "Agape" Mean?

Agape (ah-GAH-peh) is the biblical Greek word meaning the highest form of love. It is selfless and characterized by the love God showed us when he sent his only Son Jesus to die for sinners. At Agape H2O, we want to reflect this life-changing love in the way we treat our customers. You will always be treated with the honesty and respect you deserve as a person made in the image of God. We will use ethical business practices and work with integrity no matter the cost. That's our promise.

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